Arazzo LQ

Wefts: Marinella

The measure in mere hectares are of little importance,

sometimes I wish there was only one, so me and Cesar,

could enjoy it’s fruits all for myself until there was no more,

sometimes. I wish there were a hundred, so I would have

wine in abundance for everyone.How I love my Corte

Sant’Alda! Like a tapestry it has taken shape over time in an

interweaving of the threads of nature’s weft and warpThis

Tapestry, somewhat ‘faded and incomplete, devoid of

boundaries and with few colours, took shape and slowly

there emerged a character with sharp edges and well

defined light and shade: I live in substance and in form.

So let us not speak of, or measure in hectares!

Not when there are vines, olive trees, cherry trees,

vegetable gardens and woodland; wild animals, foxes and

deer, our chickens, pigs, cows…

There is a house, a cellar and there is humanity;

men and women who, on a daily basis, share and strive

toward common goals, feelings andemotions.

A family evolving, each with their own space, their

expectations, each a different but distinct “color” that every

day, forms this wonderful tapestry, interwoven with the

green plants, the brown earth, the red wine, the blue sky…



Marinella Camerani

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