Arte in cantina


An original and innovative initiative that marks Corte Sant’Alda as a “home” for wine, culture and ancient traditions.

Since Spring 2004, the cellar has often welcomed events highlighting all kinds of art: music, poetry, painting and sculpture. The objective is to host shows, meetings, concerts and performances in the cellar itself as well as outdoors, in the delightful and hospitable courtyard and its view of an enchanting landscape under a star-studded sky..

“Cellar art” embraces many of Marinella Camerani‘s cultural interests. In twenty years of growth and work experience in the world of wine, Marinella has always sought to share with others her culture and love for the land. Her lively and open-minded personality has always encouraged her to explore worlds other than wine and to create spaces for inter-cultural exchanges.

Yet this project had to wait for the completion of the new facilities adjacent to the ancient cellars in the evocative setting of Corte Sant’Alda and its Roman origins.
Marinella Camerani has always imagined that this setting could be home not only to barrels and barriques but also to words, music, signs and colours. A dance of emotions always ready to stimulate the creativity and fantasy of the human soul. This is a very new idea for this splendid place dominating the Mezzane Valley – one of the most astounding in the Province of Verona – where great wines are made.

Art and culture can now move into new settings. Actually, unusual settings have become much more common in recent years. Art can “live” anywhere with love and respect. Art can blend with people and even the most ordinary, everyday objects – and then shine in a new light in the soul of those with eyes that can really “see”.

Art in wine cellars is by no means new. And Corte Sant’Alda has already hosted unusual and innovative cultural initiatives on many other occasions in the past. In this regard, “Cellar art” is an innovative project for Val di Mezzane that equally aims to make a small yet significant contribution to the discovery of these places.

Wine and its bouquets, the protagonists and the audiences at such events become an inspiration for other approaches, other stories and other exchanges between different kinds of art. For all kinds of meeting, come Summer or Winter.
Maria Teresa Ferrari