We are women and so we are curious, even when we are working.
The will to know, learn, try, is like feeling hungry. In certain moments the hunger grabs you and you have to satisfy it! And we try, try…

I think about my experiments, quickly, by going through them. While I write them down, I get surprised, because if I think about my experience ( they are already 30 harvests) the experiments were so many. I usually do not linger upon a technique, if I realize that it doesn’t bring to the wine I want (yes, I want), I try with something else.

The fiberglass vats (it seems a bad word) till some years ago, may be also 30 years ago, were considered innovative.
Stainless steel vats, with temperature control, with plungers, with machines of all kind, forms and dimension.

Oak barrels, cherry wood, chestnut, tonneaux and barrique… and the list could go on forever. But actually wood is the material I love the most.
Concrete tanks with space forms, made like eggs, pyramid, round, square shaped, with fiber glass and without.
And at the end AMPHORAAAAAS!

Since years we are trying more of everything, listening to voices and echos coming from different pulpits. At the end we will be finally able to tell you how the things are going, when we will taste the wines.

But first of all, when we will taste the grapes!