Valle di Mezzane


The beautiful valley of Mezzane lies on the East part of Verona province and begins at the village of Vago, from here it rises towards Mezzane di Sotto.

The hills are characterized by vineyards, cherry trees, olive groves and chestnuts. They are the origin of the name of Castagnè place and they are especially present where the valley is at the border with Monti Lessini woods.
To the West the valley is flanked by the hill of San Briccio, where there is a superbly preserved an Austrian fort. To the East the valley is flanked by Val d’Illasi.

Perhaps the best preserved valley of the Province of Verona, Valle di Mezzane is renowned for its fertile terrain, due to the abundance of streams and brooks which always nourished its agricultural trade and led to the development of settlements. Man has been here since ancient times and the fields have yielded up flint tools dating back to the Middle Paleolithic era but also to Roman times, with an abundance of monuments, tombs, and other finds.