Recioto della Valpolicella


More than any other wine, Recioto demands research and experimentation.
Changes in the countryside and in the cellars, however large or small, first involve this wine.
The vineyards are the same as for “Ripasso” (Retratto (8) e Valletta (5) for an overall are of 5 hectares) and yield grapes with organic certification grown for some years in accordance with the principles of bio-dynamic agriculture.
As for Amarone, selected grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small crates for drying in accordance with the traditional, natural system without any forcing. Pressing: generally takes place at the end of February. Fermentation in wood vats begins spontaneously thanks to the natural presence of native yeasts. Tannin extract, sugars, low temperatures and the surrounding environment – such as the small 1.18 hl oak vats where the wine still undergoing fermentation is left to rest – influence fermentation trends themselves so that they are slow and complex through to natural and independent completion, thereby leaving the characteristic residual sugar that clearly identifies the wine.
Full-bodied, intense and complex perfumes are especially matched by never-excessive sweetness.

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